Wednesday, May 21, 2014

यशवंत नायक ( Yashwant Nayak, Monthly, May - 2014 )

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  1. Dear Sir,

    This seems to be an interesting development. I am sure you are doing your best for everyone.

    All the best for the upcoming Vidhan Sabha Elections.

    If you continue to expose the tall claims made by the 15 year old incumbent government it will be a work of freedom fighter. For some reason the white British have gone and we are made to look up to the new British race which has taken birth a generation back.

    Hopefully the Mahayuti continues under Team Modi and uses the mantra of
    Om NAMO Brahmadevaya!!!

    Since as per some people they can do work even Brahmadeva cannot, I hope this also is rectified and Maharashtra follows the league of becoming Congress free.

    Wishing you again all the very best!

    Jai Malhar!

    a good shepherd.