Wednesday, September 29, 2010

RSP Contesting Municipal Seats from Baroda - Gujarat

RSP Contesting Municipal Seats from Baroda - Gujarat

Baroda - Vadodara (Gujarat) / (Dt. 29/09/10) :

Rashtriya Samaj Pakash is contesting 2 Municipal seats from Baroda - Gujarat. Mr. Lalit Sharma, Brahmin (Gujarati Film Hero) and Mr. Nilesh Parmar, Dalit (Trade Union Leader/Office Bearer of R.S.P) are in the field with Cup & Saucer Symbol. Lalit Patel, President, R.S.P. Gujarat has declared before Press Meet held here. Adv. Sanjay Waghmode, General Secretary, RSP Gujarat, Prakashbhai Sharma, President RSP Baroda were present. Voting is on 10th October 2010.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

National Seminar on Saint - Poet KANAKDAS...

National Seminar on

'Saint - Poet KANAKDAS' literary contribution towards


Date : 20/09/2010 at 5.30 P.M.

Venue : Karnataka Sangh, Sector12,

Rao Tularam Marg, R K Puram New Delhi

Organised By: Kendriya Academy New Delhi

& Kaginele Development Authority


Dear Friends,

I am very glad to be amongst you all here in New Delhi the Supreme Political City of India to attend the Seminar on Thimmappa – Kanak NAYAKA who turned into SANT KANAK DASA. I am thankful to the organiser - Kendriya Academy New Delhi and Kaginele Development Authority for remembering me and inviting me here. I know that this Seminar is on Saint-Poet KANAKDAS` literary contribution towards BHAKTHI MOVEMENT in India. I must admit that I am not Philosopher, thinker or writer. I am Political Leader. I am here to listen and learn from learned speakers. Lot of it I have gathered and will be gathering from this seminar. But as a leader I have my OPINION in this regard which I want to put before you all. Thimmappa Nayaka belonged to Kuruba family. Nayaka means hero or Chief. It is said that Thimmappa Nayaka became Kanak( Gold) Nayak due to gold treasure he found. It is also said that due to his defeat on the battle field directed Thimmappa Nayaka to Bhakthi Marg. Kanak nayak was associated with Krishna Devaray and Vijaynagar Samarajya. Vijaynagar Samarajya was founded by Great Hariahar- Bookk brothers. Great Hariahar- Bookk brothers were from Kuruba family. Battle field on which Kanak Nayak defeated was fought for Vijanagar Samrajya only. Thus Thimmappa or Kanak NAYAK became Dass- Kanak Dasa. Dass once RULER of the country turned into SHUDRA-Slave according to ancient Indian history. There are many Das we found in Bhakthi Movement like Sant Ravidas, Sant Kabirdas, Sant Tulsidas. I am not philosopher or historian. I am politician for social purpose. Moreover I am attracted towards the social and religious Movement of Kanaka Nayak. I find Kanakdas very aggressive and straight forward in criticizing evils of society such as superiority claims using caste system. Kanak Nayak was well learned that was also in SUPREME University- Vyas Gurukul. Kanakdas the BEST student of Gurukul was harassed by high cast Brahmins. Learned and religious Kanakadas was not allowed into the Udupi Krishna Mandir by high cast Brahmin Priests only. Kurubas were not allowed to learn and not allowed in mandir by so called high cast Brahmins. Kanakdas was not allowed in Krishna Mandir in 16th century! In 21st century the RULER CLASS, I say RULER CLASS arranged to demolish Kanak Gopur of Udupi. Ruler Class and Ruler Cast is one and same in India and that is Brahmin. Demolishing Kanak Gopur Ruling Class/Cast proved that Kuruba though Kshatriya/warior class, though majority cast are being ruled. I am proud of Karnatak Kuruba Community and their leaders. Then all of them stood together and massive agitation was arranged in Bengluru. I was also there to agitate. As a result Kanak Gopur was rebuilt immediately. It was one of our victories. But was not and I am not satisfied. Like Kanakdas in 16th century still in 21st century the Kurubas are slave- Shudra in Free- Democratic India. I am worried most about this. I have full anger about this. I hate this most. Dear friends I am not against any community. But I hate anything which disturbs Communal harmony. I am against Brahmanism which differentiates community by birth. Kanakdas was victim of Brahmanism. Kanak Gopur was also victim of Brahmanism. We all must realize this. Then only we can lead towards the true solution. If we check the history Rayanna Nayak was also the victim of Brahmanism. Punyashlok Maharani Ahilyabai Holkar , Maharaj Yashvantrao Holkar were also victim of Brahmanism. Chandragupta Maurya was able to tackle the Chanakya Brahmin. But Brihdath the grandson of Samrat Ashok was also the victim of Brahmanism. Brihdath was killed by Pushyamitra Shrung the Brahmin. We should be aware of Indian Social System. Truth always wins, it is said. But if it is not propagated truth also dies. Satya without Satta is usless. Brahmanism is ruling our minds first. Accordingly our acts are monitored by Brahmanism. This has to be understood by all of us. Otherwise as day before yesterday or yesterday Kurubas were victim, today and tomorrow also kurubas will remain victim. And for that only we will be responsible as we are now. And I know that Kurubas are not Ruler in India. My aim is to take all Indian Kuruba community towards the RULLING COMMUNITY. Shepherd boy could become the FIRST SAMRAT of India. Samrat Ashoka is ruling all over world through his DHARMCHAKRA. Hariahar-Bookk brothers were rulers. Ahilyabai holkar was ruler. We the Kuruba community is ruler community. It is free, independent and democratic India. Unless having our own independent political party how can Kuruba can be Ruler community. Realising this first of all I formed Rashtriya Samaj Party in Chondi-Maharashtra the Birth place of Maharani Ahilyabai holkar on her Birth Annivrasary day that was on 31st May 2003. We celebrated 7th anniversary day also. Our party has fought two Loksabha 2004 and 2009. Our party contested Karnataka Loksabha as well as Vidhansabha also. We have 1 MLA in Maharashtra assembly. Like Kurubas there are many politically deprived communities in India. Rashtriya Samaj is National forum of all politically deprived communities of India. Maharashtra is known as BASE of ruling class/cast. Maratha and Dhangar are majority. Dhangar is far from political power. Though Marathas are in power, they are not ruling Maharashtra. Devegauda or Sharad Pawar , they are SARDAR of ruling class. That is why they are overthrown like anything –any time. I am proud that I am able to get success in Maharashtra which is BASE of Brahmanism. If I can do it in Maharashtra, then I can do it Karnataka or in Delhi also. Kuruba is the BASE COMMUNITY of Rashtriya Samaj Party and now many other communities are being BASE of our party.

British overthrowing Indians from power, started to rule India. India was being ruled by National Communities like Koli, Dhangar, Gond, Matang, Mahar, Ramoshi, etc. Then came Mughals / British and others to rule India. So it was struggle between Rashtriya Samaj and foreign intruders. But to erase this fact propaganda of fake Swaraj Movement between British and Congressman was made by congressmen and British both. Raje Umaji Naik (Ramoshi-Bedar), Raghoji Bhangre (Koli-Walmiki), Sangolli Rayanna (Dhangar-Kuruba), Birsa Munda and many others are the National Heroes who fought and died for Swaraj of India and Indians. Brtish left the India but sons of soil, sons of the great National heroes have been kept away from the political power. Ramoshi, Koli, Dhangar, Gond Mahar Matang, Nishad, Mali, Bhandari, Agri,Yadav, Kunbi, Rajbhar, likewise thousands castes and communities comprise more than 50% India’s population. These are the national communities i.e. Rashtriya Samaj. Rashtriya Samaj once ruler once became politically deprived communities throughout India. These castes and communities have been pushed backward from all political centers of India. Congress and other political parties played important role in doing so. There are thousands communities who has not entered in Supreme house of India i.e. Parliament. Politically deprived Rashtriya Samaj needs Political Empowerment to stand with the communities now ruling India. Empowerment of national communities is empowerment of nation India. So Swaraj of Rashtriya Samaj is Swaraj of India in real sense. Kuruba Community. So far no president, no PM, no Central Minister, no Governor, no CM, no Chief Justice, no Secretary, no Speaker, from 110 million plus Kuruba community in so called DEMORATIC, REPUBLIC INDIA. That is why no thinkers, no writers, no economists, no industrialists, no artists, no journalists, no leaders has emerged from Kuruba community. At the age of 22 I took pledge that I will remain unmarried and will not make money or wealth for myself during my life time and shall strive for bringing Political Awareness and Power to Dhangar and equivalent Deprived Communities of India”. I am stuck to it and will remain stuck to it. Mahatma Phule is first and true Indian NATIONALIST leader of India and FATHER of MODERN SOCIAL INDIA. Mahatma Phule says, “Satte wachuni sakal kala! zalya avakala!, which means “WITHOUT POWER, EFFICIENCY and TRUTH LOST its MERIT”. Late Kanshiram one of the MASTER POLITICIAN AND GREAT MAN OF THE TIME is my political GURU. Shepherd boy Chandragupt Mourya dreamt the India, to create and became the first EMPEROR-SAMRAT of India. His grandson Samrat Ashok could build the largest ever united and developed INDIA, 2000 years before. Maharani Ahilyabai Holkar was the first Indian lady known for making the welfare state. Deprived Maharashtra has two Prime-Ministerial Candidates – Sharad Pawar and Mahadeo Jankar” news containing this sort of meaning had appeared in ‘Business Standard’ on 22nd March 2009. My only aim is to become Prime Minister of India. I want this should be the aim of each and every Kuruba. Under the Banner of Rashtriy Samaj Party, yearly 5 National Programmes are being held regularly. Mahatma Phule Jayanti at Katgun-Satara on 20th February, Maharani Ahilyabai Holkar Jayanti on 31st May, at Chondi-Ahmadnagar, Raje Umaji Naik Jayanti on 7th September, at Bhiwadi-Pune, Sangolli Rayanna Nayak Rajyabhishek Ceremony of great nationalist and revolutionary freedom fighter Sangoli Rayanna of Dhangar community (who was hanged by British Government on 26th January 1831) on 10th December, at Nandgad-Belgaum,Karnataka. First anniversary day of Sangolli Rayanna Nayak Rajyabhishek Ceremony was organized on 26th January 2010at Nandgad. Then Belgaum Mayor Yallappa Kurabar was present there with us.

Thus remembering our history and our great heroes we can march towards our aim. We can take our community to pride, wealth and power. Kanakdas is one of the great HERO-NAYAK, who has to be remembered. I talked too much. But it is NEED OF THE COMMUNITY-NEED OF THE TIME. I feel it is my duty to express and share my opinion and views. We have VOTE power. Now we have our party also. I am sure all of you will think upon it. Thanks to you all.

Jai Kanakdas, Jai Rayanna Nayak, Jai Mahatma Phule,

Jai Karnataka, Jai Maharashtra, Jai Bharat.

Proposed Speech By: Mahadev Jankar, National President, Rashtriya Samaj Paksha


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